Willa 2

340 m2
220 m2
87 m2 (4 spaces)
275 m2
negotiable price

Comfortable, big house for a family with an area of 340 m2, with a deck and a 4-car garage, placed in the southwestern mountain slope with an extraordinary beautiful landscape.

W otoczeniu willi dominuje naturalnie ukształtowana zieleń harmonizująca z modernistyczną zabudową. Nowoczesna architektura, duże przeszklenia, funkcjonalnie zaprojektowane wnętrza oraz wysoka jakość materiałów wykończeniowych gwarantują wygodę https://www.intercultural-reflections.de/character-a/index.html , prywatność i bezpieczeństwo.

Luxurious villas for the demanding

This luxurious living area has been divided into three independent sections.

The ground floor represents a daily space with an area of 110 m2 designed on an open plan. The spacious living room with an effective fireplace wall is open to the garden. It is surrounded by a terrace, and the integration of glass optically enlarges the interior and eliminates the impression of a boundary between the natural greenery. The ambient TV annex neighbors the living room, giving the possibility of creating another space for relaxation, or devoting the space for an office or studio.

The dining room is situated against the background of a panoramic window with a view on the garden, separating the relaxation area from the ultra-modern kitchen. The open kitchen with an island is a big advantage to this part of the house, it brings the mood of freedom and openness. The side doors are connected with the pantry, hall, and bathroom.

On the level of the ground floor you can find a study room, which can also serve as a guest room.

The space for daily activities is elegant, modern, and bright. It will satisfy ambitions of the most demanding residents.

Privacy and comfort, convenience and safety

The part of the house devoted for privacy and relaxation is on the second level of the villa which has an area of 110 m2. A comfortable bedroom has been separated along with a wardrobe, and a bathing room.

Na piętrze znajdują się również dwie wygodne sypialnie dla dzieci, druga łazienka, sauna i pralnia. Niezaprzeczalnym walorem tej przestrzeni jest przestronny hall z panoramicznym przeszkleniem
i wyjściem na taras od strony południowej. Uzyskano piękną powierzchnię przeznaczoną do kąpieli słonecznych, a jednocześnie idealne miejscem do podziwiania panoramy otaczających gór i zachodów słońca.

In the basement with an area od 115 m2 you can find a main entrance, 4 parking spots, boiler room, and a utility room.

We offer the opportunity to work with an experienced interior designer and possibility to order the completion of a ready to live in interior.

Construction is planned to end in the third quarter of the year 2020.

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Plan and buildings

Willa 1

Usable area: 210 m2
Area of the building: 145 m2

Green area: 600 m2

Willa 2

Usable area: 340 m2
Area of the building: 135 m2

Green area: 630 m2

Willa 3

Usable area:
Apartment 3A 125 m2
Apartment 3B 110 m2
Area of the building: 140 m2
Green area: 760 m2

Willa 5

Usable area:
Apartment 5A 123 m2
Apartment 5B 190 m2
Area of the building: 166 m2
Green area: 1000 m2

Willa 4

Usable area: 250 m2
Area of the building: 130 m2

Green area: 850 m2

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