Willa 1

210 m2
172 m2
38 m2 (2 spaces)
580 m2
negotiable price

Nowoczesna, piętrowa willa o powierzchni 210 m2 z przestronnym salonem i dużym ogrodem. Wymagającym klientom gwarantuje komfort, prywatność i bezpieczeństwo. https://becejprevoz.com/buchstabe-a/index.html

Ambient villa with a beautiful garden

On the first floor of the villa, an open living space can be found with an area of 120 m2, which includes the living room, dining room integrated with an open kitchen and pantry, entrance hall, closet, and bathroom. The representative living room with a fireplace is connected with an entrance to the covered patio and to the garden.

The private part with an area of 88 m2 is found on this floor and includes 3 bedrooms, a bathing room, and a utility room. You can also find two balconies with an exposure to the south along with an entrance to the upper part of the garden. A two-car garage is available with an area of 38 m2. The room heights are from 280 to 260 cm.

The house is filled with greenery. The modern structure of the building, large glazing, garden in the English style with an outdoor fireplace along with elements of small architecture, help the owners to create many additional functions in the immediate vicinity of the villa, things like a glass veranda, pool or vegetable garden.

We offer the opportunity to work with an experienced interior designer and possibility to order the completion of a ready to live in interior.

Construction is planned to end in the third quarter of the year 2020.

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Plan and buildings

Willa 1

Usable area: 210 m2
Area of the building: 145 m2

Green area: 600 m2

Willa 2

Usable area: 340 m2
Area of the building: 135 m2

Green area: 630 m2

Willa 3

Usable area:
Apartment 3A 125 m2
Apartment 3B 110 m2
Area of the building: 140 m2
Green area: 760 m2

Willa 5

Usable area:
Apartment 5A 123 m2
Apartment 5B 190 m2
Area of the building: 166 m2
Green area: 1000 m2

Willa 4

Usable area: 250 m2
Area of the building: 130 m2

Green area: 850 m2

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